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Member Services

These services are FREE for current FMT members who have not exhausted their monthly appointment allotment.

UTM - Team Training or Force-On-Force Plans available from $50Purchase required to enroll

This is in-lieu of your one-on-one UTM Training Session. This is designed for FMT Members who would like the opportunity to train alongside other FMT Members. Whether it's Team Clearing or Force On Force Training, this is where you'd want to sign up. The class will be limited to four (4) FMT Members and you can book two sessions back-to-back. Depending on the number of people who sign up, the instructor(s) will come up with the plan for that session.

Not eligible with Spartan Course Memberships.

VirTra Simulator From $56 per visit with 5 Visits VirTra Simulator ($325 value) passPurchase required to enroll

Medical Training $65 per appointmentPlans available from $30Purchase required to enroll

PHASE 1 - UTM $100Purchase required to enroll

New members in Phase 1 please choose this entry level class.

PHASE 2 - UTM $100Purchase required to enroll

Members in Phase 2 please choose this class.

PHASE 3 - UTM $100Purchase required to enroll

Members in Phase 3 please choose this class.

PHASE 4 - UTM $100Purchase required to enroll

Members in Phase 4 please choose this class.

UTM - RIFLE $100Purchase required to enroll

Members who have completed Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 can then advance to Rifle/Carbine UTM Sessions.

Basic Pistol - Range Fundamentals (Members Only) Plans available from $30Purchase required to enroll

Basic Pistol - Range Fundamentals is a class that takes place outdoors at the George Nourse Range. We'll cover all the basics of shooting including Safety and Fundamentals.

Intermediate Pistol (Members Only) Plans available from $30Purchase required to enroll

This course is designed for those who have either successfully taken our Basic Pistol Class or who can demonstrate basic firearms Safety and Fundamentals. It will take place at a live fire range called George Nourse.

Dec 12th, 2016 - Member Appreciation Day - Majestic Movie Theater 6:30PM - FREE for FMT Members and Family No purchase required to enroll

Please join the staff of FMT for a Member Appreciation Day at the Majestic Cinemas located at 2140 E. Cinema Dr, Meridian, ID 83642. It's on Overland between Eagle and Locust Grove. The movie we'll be watching is ELF!

We'll be passing out wristbands that will allow you to purchase popcorn and a drink for $3.50 per person (FMT is covering the cost of the movie).

Be sure to enroll in this FREE event and let us know how many people you're planning on bringing by emailing us at info@forwardmovementtraining.com, give us their names and we'll get them registered for this fun event!

This is for current FMT Members only. Not yet a Member??? Sign up online or give us a call at (208)888-4855 or e-mail us.